Bloodstock Metal 2 the Masses Update

** Bloodstock Festival Metal 2 the Masses 2021 – Update**I’m delighted to announce this exciting one-off event that will enable one band to play the New Blood stage at the 2021 Bloodstock Festival. Obviously this year it’s impossible to run the competition in the normal way. This show, along with 20 other regions in the UK gives us the chance to send the pick of the bunch on the day to play in front of the enthusiastic Bloodstock crowd. I’ll be announcing the full line-up and other details very shortly, but in the meantime stick SATURDAY 10th JULY 2021 at Voodoo Belfast in your diaries because if this show can go ahead it’ll be the first DP gig in over a year!

I realise that a lot has to go right between now and July for this to happen (and indeed Bloodstock itself). Given that our roadmap out of lockdown isn’t driven by dates I think its fair to say that it is difficult to predict exactly how long it will take before things return to some kind of normal in Northern Ireland. To that end, I’m aware that this might not be able to happen even though other regions in the UK may be able to host their events due to the almost-certainly slower pace we’ll move at. However, I would rather make plans, prepare and be ready should an event be able to take place only to have to cancel, rather than do nothing only to find that I could have hosted the gig. Prepare and hope for the best – prepare and plan for the worst. If this goes our way we’ll be in a room full of killer bands on a hot summers day with beers and the company of folks we haven’t seen in ages. Imagine how awesome that will be. ++Please note – line-up is full.++

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